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TB Beautiful knows the importance of feeling good about yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. TB Beautiful treatments combine natural ingredients, massage techniques and technology to produce healthy glowing skin for everyone.


Once a month from October 2022, Advanced Skincare Therapist Tara from TB Beautiful will operate from Samantha Ruthven Beauty's cabin offering a range of Advanced facial treatments combined with holistic healing and skincare services to restore the health and balance of the skin, mind and body . From Skin Health Consultations to Meso Micro Needling, Envrion Facial Treatments to Chemical peels and much more.

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To make a booking, please contact Tara at TB Beautiful directly by calling 07894 014 570 or email tbbeautiful@hotmail.com


Dates TB Beautiful is at Samantha Ruthven Beauty’s cabin:

Friday 28 October 2022 - 9am - 5pm

Friday 25 November 2022 - 9am - 5pm


More information can also be found in Samantha Ruthven Beauty appointments.


Treatment List


TB Skin Health Consultation

If you are looking to treat a specific skin condition or concern, a consultation is the best way to start. It helps Tara to understand your skins history and identify how Tara can help you. This appointment will also include a bespoke facial treatment created by TB on the day suited to your skin needs.

£90.00 / Duration: 2 hours


Skin, Body & Soul Rest

It's important to take care of your skin but it's also vital you leave feeling blissfully balanced. This treatment includes a hot stone back massage, 4 step steam cleanse, soundwave hydration skin probing ,Dermlaux LED Phototherapy, Collagen Mask with shoulder neck & head massage , Cryo Ice Globes finishing with a recovery cream face massage using GUA Sha massage techniques.

£200 / Duration: 2 hours

TB Meso Micro Needling Package

Rejuvenate and repair tired skin with this micro needling facial

This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to instantly improve dull skin and superficial wrinkles. It helps to improve sluggish blood circulation, assisting the body in flushing out ageing toxins. It aids pigmentation problems and treats acne scarring. The skin will instantly feel firmer, hydrated and nourished. Combined with LED Phototherapy, Skin Mask and Cryo massage.

£150 / Duration: 2 hours


TB Skin Rebalance

Regulating, decongesting and perfect for redness and blocked pores! These results driven facial includes, steam, mechanical and manual extractions, vegan treatment mask, bacterial killing and collagen boosting high frequency. It is designed to plump-up and decongest your skin, finishing with 2-step face massage and hot towels that will leave you glowing from the inside out.

£90 / Duration: 2 hours

TB Skin Reset

Best for dull, ageing and combination skin.

4-Step steam cleanse ,Glow Chemical Peel with Head Massage, Dermlaux LED Phototherapy focusing on collagen stimulation. Crystals will then be added to a Hydro Mask which can also treat your décolletage, restoring your skin's deeper energy using crystal healing powers. This facial finishes with cooling Cryo Globes and Sculpting Massage.

£100 / Duration: 2 hours


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