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How to find
Samantha Ruthven Beauty

Please be kindly advised of a new way to enter Samantha Ruthven Beauty. Due to a busy household, unfortunately access will no longer be available to clients through my front door at No. 26 Mandeville Close, GU2 9YA. Entry to Samantha Ruthven Beauty is now via my back gate, which is situated on a public footpath / alleyway linking Queen Elizabeth Park and Worplesdon Road.

  1. Enter sat nav postcode: GU2 9GB, 37 Fairborne Way, Guildford. Fairborne Way runs alongside Kirke Fields.

  2. Once parked and/or whether walking on foot, walk to the end row of houses on Fairborne Way – The last house number is No. 37.

  3. Walk down a small pedestrian slope and turn immediately left onto a public footpath

  4. Walk straight ahead along the public footpath, passing black plastic mesh fencing on your right

  5. Turn a slight corner, walk through two black bike barriers and immediately upon your left will be a garden gate with the No. 26 visible

  6. You have reached Samantha Ruthven Beauty

Map View Directions:










Please note the following once you have arrived at Samantha Ruthven Beauty

  • Please arrive at your appointment on time

  • Please open the back gate and come round to the front of the beauty cabin, there will be a seat under the roof covering for you to wait if you arrive slightly earlier than your appointment. I appreciate in winter months this may not be ideal but I will try my best to make this as comfortable as possible.

  • Please do not knock or enter the beauty cabin - I could be finishing a body treatment. I know you will be there waiting, so please be patient and wait until I open the beauty cabin door.

  • WC facilities are available in emergency cases.

Fairborne Way to Samantha Ruthven Beauty.PNG
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