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How to find
Samantha Ruthven Beauty



Effective from September 1st, 2023, I would like to inform you that Samantha Ruthven Beauty has relocated to its new address at 4 Sandpit Heath, Fairlands, Guildford, GU3 3JF.


To access Samantha Ruthven Beauty, please enter through the front entrance located at 4 Sandpit Heath, GU3 3JF. Although I do not currently have a designated waiting area (this is a temporary situation), I kindly ask that you arrive punctually and knock on the front door at your scheduled appointment time.

Here are some additional details to help you find me:

  1. For GPS navigation, please use the postcode GU3 3JF, 4 Sandpit Heath, Fairlands, Guildford.

  2. Off-street parking is available with no parking restrictions on Littlefield Way, the road that runs alongside 4 Sandpit Heath. You can access Littlefield Way via the second exit on the mini roundabout just before 4 Sandpit Heath.

  3. Once you've parked your vehicle or if you're arriving on foot, 4 Sandpit Heath is situated at the corner of the mini roundabout and can be identified by the white house with a blue garage door.

  4. You have arrived at Samantha Ruthven Beauty.


I look forward to welcoming you to my new location. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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