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What to expect from a Lash Lift & Tint treatment

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Keeping our beauty regime up to speed is important to many ladies (and men). From making sure your nails are perfect, your skin is firm, and your wrinkles are as reduced as possible. Eyelashes are also becoming something to take care of on a regular basis. Whether you want them long or more curled, it’s important to ensure they are looked after correctly.

Having your eyelashes treated can make them longer, more curled but also help your eyes to stand out more, look bigger and more defined.

This blog looks at Lash Lifting and Tinting and explains what takes place during this type of treatment so you can be prepared for your appointment when the time comes.

Before Your Treatment

Prior to this type of treatment, you will need to have a patch test; the patch test is a simple and easy way to see if you have a reaction to any of the solutions required. It takes just two minutes to test three different products behind your ear and you need to leave these on for at least 24 hours. In the majority of tests, most people don’t have any reaction and can go ahead with the treatment. It’s always best to be on the safe side, especially when these products are going to be around your eyes and face.

Always ensure you arrive at your appointment with your eyelashes clean and free from any oils, make-up or creams, this is to ensure the solutions are applied to your lashes without anything getting in the way.

There are three different sized rollers that can be used to shape your eyelashes, these work differently depending on the length of yours. All beauty therapists completing your treatment will offer you the best advice on what will work best for you. The smaller the roller, the more curled your eyelashes will be, however if your eyelashes are very long it may be best to go with a bigger roller.

The Treatment

For the treatment, you’ll lie down and relax on a massage bed. There are many different types of Lash Lifting products available. At Samantha Ruthven Beauty, LashBase products are applied.

Step 1

A pad will be placed underneath your eyes to cover the lower lashes to ensure none of these are caught up in the perming solution and curved the wrong way. The roller will then be glued to your eye lid and your eyelashes curved over the roller and placed in the correct position to enable them to curl in the best way. This step will only take a couple of minutes. None of this is painful or uncomfortable in the slightest.

Step 2

Once your eyelashes are in a perfect position, the perming solution is applied to the roots of the lashes using a small brush, this solution stays on for around 7 minutes.

You may sometimes feel like you want to open your eyes, however stay relaxed as possible and talk you through the steps if you have any worries.

Step 3

This perm solution is then removed, and the setting solution applied to ensure the curl is set in place. This can take a further 5 minutes.

Step 4

Once the curl is set on the lashes it’s then time to complete the tint. The lower lashes will always be tinted first and then the upper lashes. The tint is only required to be on your lashes for a couple of minutes due to the lashes being porous after the lash lifting solution.

Following the tint, the whole treatment is complete. The roller and the pad are removed and you can take a look in the mirror at your beautiful new curled and tinted lashes. You should see a difference in your lashes immediately and hopefully feel like you don’t need to wear as much mascara for the next few weeks.

Follow Up Treatment

You need to continue caring for your lashes for the next couple of days as you can’t wear mascara for 24 hours or get them wet for 48 hours. You should adhere to these instructions as this will ensure your Lash Lift and Tint lasts as long as possible.

Your eyelashes should remain curled and with the tint for 6-8 weeks. Following this, another treatment can be booked.

If you’re unsure about having eyelash extensions, then this is the obvious choice to begin with. It’s quite a relaxing treatment and you open your eyes with brand new striking eyelashes. Perfect for holiday, special occasions or everyday!

Find out more here.

To book a Lash Lift & Tint appointment with Samantha Ruthven Beauty, click here or call Samantha on 07871 651 953 or email

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